Beiyang Group Party Committee organized to watch the film Me and My Hometown

On the evening of October 10, the Party Committee of Beiyang Group organized all party members, more than 100 party activists and 20 members of the Hengtai Street community, went to the cinema to watch the National Day tribute film “Me and My Hometown”, and cut the national conditions of the family. Last year, the film “Me and my motherland” is still fresh in memory, feeling the prosperity and prosperity of the motherland, this year, “home” and “country” happy to meet, the film “Me and my hometown” with the most humorous way, the interpretation of the most moving story, awakened all Chinese in the heart of the most sincere, most simple homeland complex.” Through three pieces of native hometown and two sections of the struggle for it, love the land in series of five small stories, from different angles of interpretation of people’s hearts soft local complex. Behind the great changes in the countryside in the film is the emergence of one person after another, strongman, superman, insinuing the real existence of life, they are the elite of the times, in the road to rich development, the construction of beautiful countryside, “storming into the formation” of the whole movie-going process , everyone’s feelings with the storyline to promote the constant mobilization, paper towel wet, I do not know whether to laugh and cry, or cry and laugh, long-lost moved to fill the heart, mixed with all kinds of hometown “taste”, so that we can not help but think of their hometown” When, my hometown is like this…”, “Me and my hometown” let us really feel the temperature of the motherland.