Fire safety drills.

In order to enable all employees of the company to understand the basic knowledge of fire, improve the awareness of fire protection, master the basic fire knowledge, as well as sudden fire response, escape skills.On June 29, 2020, at 11:19, the company conducted a full-time fire drill in the playground of the public front yard.

The exercise items include personnel evacuation, simulated fire alarm drills, laying fire hose drills, fire extinguishing drills, and the exercise procedures are carried out according to the fire emergency drill program.

Simulated fire alarm drill.
Fire extinguisher fire extinguishing drill.

Through this fire drill activities, the staff and workers have a further understanding of fire safety common sense, safety awareness, fire alarm, fire extinguishing capacity has been enhanced.In the process of fire drilling, the organization, command and adaptability of the heads of warehouses and workshops have also been exercised.

The company will take the training of prevention knowledge and emergency drills as the normal education, in order to improve the staff’s emergency rescue skills and emergency response comprehensive quality, effectively reduce the accident hazard, reduce accident losses, to ensure the company’s safe, healthy and orderly development.